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Samantha Rogers is an engaging,  professional Showit one-pager website  for creative service-based entrepreneurs or coaches. It has all the key sections that you need to get started without the need for a full website. You can feel confident driving potential clients back to this page to learn more about you and your budding new business! 

Your Purchase Includes:

A fully customizable plug and play website template built with Showit 5 drag and drop platform. 


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Upon purchase you also receive these learning and action bonuses. 

This is my dream site! I want it!

NOTE: Script font is not included with template purchase. Link to purchase the font will be included in Info Guide after purchase.

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Getting Started Checklist (PDF)

Launch Day Checklist (PDF)

14+ video tutorials

7 Day Action Plan (PDF)

How It Works

Choose a Template

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Buy the template that fits best with your style and business.  They are all easy to use and completely customizable. Plus, you will get every page and resource you need with your purchase.

Plug in your branding, photos, and copy! That's it! Use the video library and PDF guides to help you set everything up step by step. The Showit team will transfer your domain and blog for you for free!

Time to introduce your amazing new website to the world... and CELEBRATE! Phew! That was easy!

Sooo... what is 


Drag & Drop

Built in SEO

Custom Mobile Design

Wordpress blogging

FREE step-by-step tools to customize your website

*only with a The Uncommon Pursuit template

We want you to launch with ease!

Bonus Resources


Getting Started Guide

Make sure you have everything you need before you start customizing to make sure your process is easy and timely.


5 Day
Road Map

We know you are a busy go-getter and don't have time to put your life on hold in order to build your website. So we broke down the process into a 5 Day action plan!


Video Library

We walk you through step by step every aspect of customizing your design specifically speaking to how our templates are set up!



You did it! You're website is looking amazing and you're ready to show the world. We provide your launch checklist to make sure all the technical aspect and details are taken care of so you can have a smooth launch.

I can set up the template for you!

Don't Want to

Oh! Tell me more!





Add a pre-made brand kit to complete your online business set up!

All together for UNDER $425

& Launch it all in 1 week!

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Frequently Asked Questions



Showit is the easiest and most polished website building platform I have ever seen. It is truly a simple drag and drop, user friendly tool, yet still have advanced capabilities. The best part is it doesn't require coding or technical knowledge.

Plus, the Showit team offers chat support and a whole blog and library of Showit trainings as well as a user Facebook group.

The Showit support team will take care of this for you! When you are ready to launch your site, you will contact Showit from inside the website builder and they will transfer your domain and blog if necessary! All as part of your Showit subscription! The team is amazing and always available for tech support if needed later on!

Your Showit subscription includes hosting! That means that you don't need to pay for a service like Bluehost or Godaddy. Showit is an all-in-one service including design, hosting and technical support!

When you purchase an Uncommon Pursuit Template you get a full resources library of videos and guides. You also will have the Showit technical support team which is available to help you with technical and functionality questions forever and always! They are available via chat within the app or via email. 

Showit is made to be a super easy, user-friendly, drag-and-drop platform so anyone can use it, however I understand sometime you would just rather have it done for you! I can 100% help you with that and fully set up your template for you. Check out my Template Customization add on for more information.

Customization add on 

YES!!!! Whether you are new to Wordpress or already have an existing blog with Wordpress, with Showit, your blog will exist through Wordpress. You will solely create blog posts in Wordpress just as you've always done and they show up on your Showit site with your beautiful new design.

Check out The Uncommon Pursuit Blog to see more examples of the Wordpress-Showit blogging in action.

No. The Uncommon Pursuit templates only work with Showit which is actually amazing because Showit will change your business/blog, level up your online presence, and make your life so much easier! It really is the best!

No problem at all! With any of The Uncommon Pursuit templates you can easily change all of the colors fonts, photos, and branding to match any industry.

If you have a template you love but need a few small changes or things added to it, you can check out the Template Customization add on for some extra design support by yours truly.

Template Customization add on 

Showit is a monthly subscription including your web design platform and hosting. Depending on your website and blogging needs you can choose from several subscription options. Since Showit is an all-in-one design and hosting service you will get to eliminate the expense of your current hosting service!

Don't be! Be SOOO excited! You will soon have a design that will last for years to come with constant support and an easy customizable platform so you can always add and change your site as you and your business evolve.

Once you get your new rockin' UP template you are never going to have website struggles again with their easy drag and drop platform PLUS your website is going to look like a $10,000 professional site that you can confidently show off and level up your services or blog.

Still not convinced? There are some big names that LOVEEE Showit such as Jenna Kutcher and Jasmine Star. Check out their sites and try to tell me you're not obsessed!

Okay, this is perfect!

Let's go!

Don't have the time to do it yourself?
Or maybe you'd just prefer to have someone do it for ya? I got you!
I can help you get it all set up for you! Just sit back and get excited!!!!

Template Customization

What does it include?

- Plug in your branding, photos, and copy
- Change color palette and fonts
- Domain and blog set up
- Basic SEO set up
- Newsletter, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations
- Changes to the template including additional pages and layout revisions
- 30 days of email support

Investment Starts at 


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Don't have the time to do it yourself?
I can set it up for you!