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Top 8 Reasons Showit is the Best Platform for your Website

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June 12, 2019

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I’ve designed websites on Wix, WordPress and Showit so I have been there, done that and I’m going to cut to the chase….

Showit is by far 100 million times over my absolutely favorite web design platform to use for both entrepreneurs and bloggers!


When I started designing websites I was building WordPress sites. I knew some very, very basic coding but hated it and as a designer I more so hated how limited I felt no matter what WordPress theme I used. Even with newer editors like Elementor and Divi, it was never just simple to make basic layouts and functionalities exactly how I wanted them to look.


After building multiple wordpress sites for clients I was tired of it. I loved the concept, design process, and user experience aspects of web design but was so frustrated with the tech which is when I finally (thank goodness) found Showit. And guys, I was hooking immediately after playing around in it for a week!


I was finally truly able to create anything that I could think of! It’s safe to say I’m obsessed. But let me tell you and show you WHY Showit 5 is so great!

NOTE: This post is not sponsored and I get no affiliate money for promoting Showit. This is truly a raw review and because I love it that much!

2. No Coding Necessary – It’s Drag and Drop

It truly kicks every other website builder’s butt!!! You don’t need any coding knowledge to design the site, to set up settings or do anything. It is by far the easiest builder I have ever used and allows for unlimited possibilities since you are not constrained by the tech skills and knowledge. This is a huge game changer because even if you hire a designer to initially build your website, your business and blog are ever changing and you will eventually need to make your own edits over time. You’ll probably want to change some text or add new images or colors down the road and Showit makes it truly effortless and simple! I’m so confident in the ease of their drag and drop builder that I could teach my dad to use it!

3. Custom Mobile Platform

With the majority of web traffic coming from mobile sites these days, I cannot stress enough how important a well optimized mobile version of a website is. Showit allows you to completely custom-design both the desktop and mobile versions so you can control exactly how your site looks when scrolling on your phone! And you can rest assured that you will have one of the best mobile sites among your competitors. Even with WordPress sites that are “mobile friendly,” you often do not have the ability to customize and control the mobile version of your site without hiring a professional developer or designer.

4. Integrated WordPress Blog

WordPress is by far the number one platform for blogging, and luckily you don’t have to choose between WordPress and Showit – you get them both! Your Showit website is backed by and integrated with WordPress, meaning that you blog in WordPress just the same as you have always done, and it appears on your in Showit site with whatever beautiful template is designed for your blog. Showit even integrates with many of the WordPress plug-ins to optimize and elevate your blog!

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5. Easy SEO Optimization

Not only does Showit allow you to have a beautiful design, but they also set you up for sucess with easy access to set up the SEO of your site – all backed by the industry leader for SEO optimized sites, WordPress.


You can easily add or updates titles, meta descriptions, alt tags and keywords so that your blog is fully optimized and set up to help you grow your business. You can even integrate lots of WordPress plug ins such as Yoast SEO to help you out!

6. Creative Freedom (& similar to Adobe Illustrator)

The main reason I love Showit is because you have complete creative freedom! Because of the ease of the tools, functionality, and design flow, they truly created a platform where you can create anything that you can dream up! If you have ever used any of the Create Adobe Suite programs then you will be extra in love with Showit because the design flow, layout and functionalities are very similar to Adobe Illustrator. If you have not ever use Adobe products before, no sweat! Showit is super easy to learn, especially if you are not designing websites from scratch as a web designer. The main point is if you can think it, you can create it with Showit!

7. Amazing customer service and Facebook group community

Showit’s customer service team is one of the best I have ever worked with – any that is hard to find nowadays. The Showit support team is available by chat and email to help you with any questions you have from designing and building your site, integrating your blog, or general tech questions. There is also a Facebook group for Showit Users where people are very active looking for advice from others and collaborating!

BONUS: E-commerce friendly (sort of)

I would not claim that Showit is the best choice for a true ecommerce business however it doesn’t have ecommerce capabilities that are fairly easy to set up. It is limited compared to having a full Shopify store full of tons of products, but it is very doable if you have a small ecommerce shop and that is not your primary website function. You can integrate products through Shopify Lite or with copy and paste blocks of code for check out buttons with Thrivecart or Paypal etc.

Want to see it some examples of Showit site?

This whole website and blog – The Uncommon Pursuit – was made with Showit. You can also check out our websites Amanda Kolbye Coaching and By Zach Anderson. Some big names also use this platform like Jenna Kutcher and Jasmine Star.

Why wouldn’t you use it????

You can try it yourself for free too!

Sign up here and start messing around

or if you are already #obsessed, check out our website templates here!

Want some custom help designing your website? I can do that too! Message me here.

Top 8 Reasons Showit is the Best Platform for your Website


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June 12, 2019


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